What do we do

We can offer you advice in the following areas of law –

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Emergencies
  • Occupation Orders
  • Protecting your assets
  • Crime
  • Private Crime

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Family Law
Relationship breakdown or marriage breakdown is a sad fact of life. It can be a highly stressful time for all involved. Family Solicitors act for individuals at the time when they are most vulnerable. We pride ourselves in dealing with the emotional spectrum of these challenges effectively and professionally and show you how to get divorced as simply as possible.

Keeping distress to a minimum and providing a supportive environment is key to our work.

You will always be ensured of a sympathetic ear and practical guidance to help you find your way through the issues that affect families and children at such a difficult time.

There is no need to worry and struggle on your own with potentially complex issues. From amicable binding agreements to Court proceedings, Alisons Legal Practice offers half an hour free divorce advice and is able to offer fixed fees for specific aspects of your case. Our fixed fees start at £99.

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What to do when your marriage is over

The breakdown of a committed personal relationship will nearly always be distressing and difficult. The decision to separate may be yours, your partner’s or sometimes a genuinely mutual one. However the decision has been reached we can help you through this difficult time. We will explain the personal and emotional processes and offer practical guidance to help you and particularly your children come to terms with your changed circumstances.
Most parents agree about the child custody rights known as child arrangement orders for their children although, difficulties do often arise especially when the relationship is emotionally charged.

Always considering the welfare of the child as being paramount we will assist you in dealing with issues such as:
• Residence;
• Child contact;
• Preventing or ensuring specific issues such as medical treatment, education, matters concerning the child’s assets; and
• Removal of the child outside the jurisdiction.
Our experienced lawyers will also provide advice in cases where the Local Authority are involved with you child and will assist with applications for special guardianship.


Domestic Violence – It you are experiencing violence including harassment and verbal and emotional abuse or you have been threatened by your partner, Alisons Legal Practice can advise you of your options for emergency protection.

Occupation Orders 

It is can be shown that you or your child is likely to suffer significant harm attributable to your (ex)partner we can advise you whether the Court is likely to grant an occupation order.

Protecting your Assets
Have you though about what would happen to your business and your finances if you become incapacitating, even for a short time.

It is easy to put in place protection to help you to manage your finances and affairs is you are unable to do this for yourself. CLICK HERE to find out more

Our solicitors are able assist you free of charge at the police station. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to attend the police station for interview, your legal representation is FREE. Call us and we will arrange for one of our solicitors to attend with you and give you advice on the law and process.

Private crime
We conduct work for privately paying clients and all clients are dealt with sympathetically and with discretion. Our work extends to:
• Business related crime such as theft of data within your company;
• Financial Fraud;
• Private Criminal Prosecution –
Most people do not appreciate that it is not only the police that can investigate crime and not only the Crown that can prosecute criminal activity. Section 6(1) Prosecution Offences Act 1985 provides the right for individuals and companies to bring a private prosecution.

Almost all criminal activity can be prosecuted the most common being theft, fraud, counterfeiting and other similar offences.

We can advise you on what strategy to adopt when you are considering prosecution and enforcement so that current or ex-employees are deterred from engaging in criminal practices which cause harm to your business. We can also often act for companies who have been the victims of fraud in commercial joint ventures or in commercial dealings.

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