Niche Divorce and Family Solicitors in Aberystwyth

We offer specialist advice tailored to your needs in all aspects of family law including divorce, separation and child contact issues
We are committed to providing you with the best advice to assist you and where possible will endeavour to resolve disputes by negotiation, mediation and reconciliation. We can help with:

Relationship problems – advising on the issues that can arise on separation for cohabiting couples, ancillary relief dealing with all financial aspects, property and children issues, and obtaining court relief if necessary.

Marriage breakdown – advising on and obtaining a divorce on your behalf, or a separation agreement, which can be an alternative to divorce.

Civil partnerships – for same sex couples – advising on the implications and on the range of issues that can arise on civil partnership breakdown including all financial and property issues.

Children issues – in regard to private law disputes between separating couples (contact, residence, parental rights, specific issues such as schooling and removal from the U.K).

Pre-Nuptial Agreements / Cohabitation Agreements – I can also advise you prior to marriage or setting up home with a partner, putting your plans in writing and recording agreement in regard to financial issues in order to provide clarity for the future:

In almost all cases we will consider and advise you on the possibility of resolving any dispute by Mediation or Conciliation without the need for court proceedings, based on an agreement not to litigate.


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