Protecting your assets

Every adult has the right to manage his or her own money and affairs.

Have you thought about what would happen to your business or your financial affairs if you became unable to make decisions, even for a short while?

Who can manage your bank account?
Who can manage your investments?
Who can deal with your insurances?
Who can make sure that your business still runs?
Who can speak to your utility provider?

If you become incapacitated your relatives can face long, distressing delays and expense to be able to take control of your affairs. In the meantime your bank accounts will be frozen, your investments can’t be accessed and your relatives will be unable to deal with other day to day matters that crop up

A Lasting Power of Attorney could be your answer.

Have you thought about how you can make sure that your trusted loved ones can help you by managing those things for you?

A properly drafted LPA could give you the peace of mind that your affairs will be dealt with whilst you are unable to And don’t assume that because you have set up an LPA, you have lost control. You can choose whether it can be used either before, or only when, you are temporarily incapacitated or when you lose mental capacity.

Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney is a straightforward process when you know how. Get it wrong and the document will not be able to be used.

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Attorney documents for you to sign.

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